Proudly Producing Organic Beef for Nova Scotia since 1996
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Bruce Family Farm Beef CSA Delivery
The Next Beef CSA Delivery will be Friday April 17
at The Grainery on 2385 Agricola St from 4 - 6 pm

For several years now we have been wondering how to help those of our customers who don't have freezers or who want to buy from us and don't have enough money or enough use for a large amount of beef. Fret no more! Bruce Family Farm is starting a Beef CSA. Every month we will supply you with 10 lbs of beef at the low price of $90.00!

A typical bag will include the following:

4 lbs lean ground organic beef; perfect for quick week night suppers and favorite casseroles

1 lb clear organic stew meat;
wonderful in hearty winter stews and in beef pot pies

1 lb boneless organic steak;
enjoy the versatility of round or sirloin steak in your favorite recipes

4 lb organic roast;
perfect for family weekend dinners and sliced beef for lunch box sandwiches later in the week. Cuts will typically include cross rib, boneless blade, round or sirloin. This will vary every month. Cooking instructions will be provided upon request.

Members are encouraged to tweak their bags to suit them better; if you don't like a certain cut let us know and we'll figure something out.

A Newsletter full of farm activities and recipes is included each month.

Sign up is easy. For $90.00
you will be included in our monthly program.
Call today to register